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Henrijs Preiss

Born in Latvia, beneficiary of a rigorous academic art and scenografic training, Henrijs has lived in Riga, Berlin and London. A Hackney resident for the last decade, the urban biography is relevant, arguably a touchstone against which his practice might be tested and declared genuine, relevant. He cites as influences on his work Russian Icons and Italian Renaissance painting. With their inscribed circles and radiating lines like spotlights raking deserted streets or gun shots in glass panes they owe as much to our urban environment; from murder mile in Clapton to the labyrinthine, saturated psycho-geography of Shoreditch and Whitechapel. Recent exhibitions include; Salon - Whitecross Gallery 2009; Summer Exhibition - Royal Academy, London, 2008; Regroup - Sesame, London, 2008; Lois Lambert Gallery, Santa Monica, USA, 2008.