jeff lowe
drawn out
sculpture and drawings

7 september - 6 october 2015

Whitecross Gallery is pleased to present prolific British sculptor Jeff Lowe for a solo exhibition of sophisticated and intimate wall based sculptures and drawings. This precedes a New York show in March 2008 which will include a selection of his larger free standing works. 

Refusing to be contained within categorical conventions, this series of work explores an ambiguous space between free standing sculpture and two dimensional drawing, resulting in alternative interpretations where focus is redirected from structural form, to surface image. This is a theme embodied within the title ‘drawn out’ which refers to Lowes’s use of relief and intaglio processes to create three dimensional drawings upon the surface of his recent series of forty cast iron wall panels. Moving from the literal presence of his larger structural works to the symbolic visual language employed within his drawings, which present a feeling of timelessness reminiscent of ancient hieroglyphics, Lowe plays with spatial perceptions and forges an architectural awareness.

This timely exhibition reflects an international zeitgeist wherein there is a growing resurgence of popular appreciation for the unique aesthetic art object, particularly those bearing qualities that convey emotion and appeal to the senses. Constructed using age old foundry casting processes, each of this series of wall panels is individual and unrepeatable, however when viewed together in sequence they operate well as a self contained work of art.

Through Lowe’s complex and innovative combinations of techniques and materials, he has created a diverse range of artworks which radiate beauty and simplicity. He has a particular affinity with colour and an acute sensitivity to the tactile surface. He applies his own form of alchemy which has allowed him to transform the appearance of materials, for instance converting paper mulch into gold, and graphite and resin suggestive of slate and stone. He has developed soft patinas through his extensive understanding of the reaction of oxides on metals, resulting in a rich Mediterranean colour palate informed by his love of the Portuguese culture. 

When in London Lowe works in an impressive 10.000 sq ft studio in South Bermondsey assisted by a team of highly skilled technicians, and has produced a remarkable body of work, some on a massive scale.

Lowe studied at St Martins School of Art and had his first one man show at the age of twenty one at the prestigious Leicester Galleries in Cork St.

He has shown at the Hayward Gallery, Serpentine gallery as well as the Paris Biennale. He has had many solo exhibitions in London, Portugal Amsterdam, Australia and New York. His forthcoming one man show in New York will be his second in New York this year. Lowe divides his time between his studios in London and southern Portugal where he has built a house and studio.