Somewhere or other... ages ago

photography and text by

Andre Pinkowski
Allan Forrester Parker

9 April - 25 April 2015

Private View Wednesday 8 April 2015 7 - 9.30 pm

An examination of the fragile and often ambiguous relationship between photography and text, and the ways in which they are employed to create either factual or metaphorical descriptions of the world around us.

Images that were initially produced for the mass media market, in particular photographs of celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Paris Hilton have been digitally analysed and reorganised by using a specially commissioned algorithm. Each reconstruction results in a new image eradicating any intended meaning. Andre Pinkowski’s uncompromisingly abstracted images keep their original captions.

Allan Parker’s lightboxes illuminate either images or text. The seemingly random groupings of images, words, phrases and acronyms are reminiscent of the quizzes often found in magazines. There are, however, no direct or illustrative questions and the relationship between the text and the images, which share the same space, remains tenuous. We take it for granted that words and phrases we hear and read create images in our imagination – but cannot know what kind of pictures they are creating in the minds of others. When photographs come adrift from the text which once used to anchor them, they become free to attract new associations.